Wireless Water Detection Sensor


Wireless Tunnel™ Radio Sensor based on LoRa™ Technology

Wireless Water Detector

Wireless™ Tunnel radio module with AKCP Spot Water Sensor. Powered by 5VDC or 12VDC with battery backup and a full IP66 waterproof enclosure. The spot water sensor will alarm when water is detected. With the same technology as our wired spot water detector it can even detect the presence of de-ionised water. Works with all Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway.

Sensor Details
  • 4x AA Batteries for backup
  • 5VDC or 12VDC powered
  • LED indicators for power, status and RSSI
  • Optional DIN rail or pipe mounting

Wireless Tunnel™ Monitoring Solutions

Measurement Range
Wet or Dry
Sensor Type
Open/Closed contact input switch
Patent pending, microprocessor controlled, capacitance measurement technology
Able to measure distilled water
Sensor Status
Edge counter
Status Indication
LED indication for
– Mode
– Status
1ft long
Operating Temperature
-20 °C~60 °C
4 °F~140 °F
Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
Operating Environment Temperature : Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
LoRa (R) Radio
Regional plans
– EU868 : 863~868Mhz, Max TX Power +14dBm, Duty Cycle 1%
– US915: 903~915Mhz, Max TX Power +17dBm
– AS923 : 920~925Mhz, Max TX Power +14dBm, Duty Cycle 1%
– KR920 (Korea) : 922~923Mhz, Max TX Power +14dBm, Duty Cycle 1%
– IL917 (Israel) : 915~917Mhz , Max TX Power +14dBm, Duty Cycle 1%
Certification FCC Part15C, CE EN300220-2
76 x 77 x 120mm
Wall hanging, DIN rail, Pipe Clamp
able to measure distilled water
Power source
Via micro-USB port
4x AA batteries for backup power
Power Consumption
Average 12 mWatt, 10uA in Idle, without sensor connected
Gateway sensor count 5 (3 + 2)
Important Note
AKCP does not recommend the WT-WD Sensor to be placed on a conductive surface.
If this is required, add the Insulation Coating P/N : WSIC to each WTS-WD Sensor ordered

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AKCPWireless Water Detection Sensor