Spot Water Sensor
spotWater Detector - Protect your electronic equipment from water damage

Spot Water Sensor

Protect your electronic equipment from water damage

The Spot Water Sensor is an advanced microprocessor-based design capable of detecting distilled water.

  • Product Code: WS15
  • MSRP Price:
  • Additional Lengths Available
  • Powered by the base unit

The Spot Water Sensor is an advanced microprocessor based design capable of detecting distilled water. Standard water detectors are unable to detect distilled water and water with other impurities due to them using a resistance type circuit. These resistance types rely on electrolytes present in the water, therefore being unable to detect distilled water due to it’s high resistance.

The entire circuit is encased in epoxy giving it a waterproof finish and able to withstand being submerged in water for prolonged periods. It has an SNMP OID for monitoring across a network, and will therefore report it’s critical condition at anytime before returning to it’s normal state.

Notifications can be sent to you via SNMP traps, or E-mail (sensorProbe base units) or using any of the wide range of alerts available on AKCP base units.


Measurement Range Wet or Dry ( -20°C +60°C)
Measurement Accuracy Able to measure distilled water
Sensor Type Patent pending, microprocessor controlled, capacitance measurement technology
Power source Powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed
Communications Cable RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire, Maximum extension cable length 150m (500 ft.) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP
Measurement Rate Multiple readings every second
  sensorProbe auto detects the presence of the water sensor
  Up to 2 spotWater detectors per sensorProbe2, 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe
  Full autosense including disconnect alarm
Note AKCP does not recommend the spotWater Sensor to be placed on a conductive surface. If this is required, add the Insulation Coating P/N : WSIC to each spotWater Sensor ordered.
  • Detect presence of water
  • Works with securityProbe and sensorProbe series base units
  • Powered by the base unit, no additional power necessary
  • Maximum cable extension of 150m (500ft)
  • Even detects the presence of distilled water

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