AKCP Temperature Monitoring For Greenhouse Datacenters’ Colocation Facilities

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AKCP Temperature Monitoring For Greenhouse Data


AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest supplier of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions, was selected to monitor the infrastructure for Greenhouse Datacenters’ highly secure and energy-efficient colocation data centers in the Netherlands. AKCP Temperature monitoring solutions protect the clients equipment.

Founded in 2013, Greenhouse Datacenters is a fast-growing data center developer and operator. Focused on establishing the highest security and reliability for its colocation clients, operating two facilities in the Rotterdam/The Hague area. This region has become one of Europe’s largest data center hubs. Thanks to its geographical location and excellent digital infrastructure, the Netherlands has created a strong ecosystem that attracts tech companies from across the globe.

Greenhouse Datacenters’ facilities in the Netherlands are third-party accredited and certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. They offer energy-efficient data center facilities to both regional and global clients. The colocation facilities of Greenhouse Datacenters are redundantly connected to the area and the rest of the globe via more than ten carriers and ultra-low latency connections to Amsterdam. 

Direct Access to AMS-IX and Reliability

Greenhouse Datacenters offers extensive connectivity options to all relevant European Internet exchanges as well, with direct access to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) as a unique selling point. In 2021, the AMS-IX expanded its presence outside the Amsterdam area to include a physical AMS-IX PoP deployment in Greenhouse Datacenters’ flagship facility. It provides colocation clients in both data centers the opportunity to obtain the very highest reliability and network connection speeds for interconnectivity and international connections while creating the ability to optimize network traffic efficiency and expenses. 

Monitoring of Environmental Conditions

For management, control, and safeguarding the reliability of its data center operations, Greenhouse has deployed environmental, power and security monitoring systems. This ensures that its facilities function properly and quick interventions can be made.

Greenhouse Datacenters utilize AKCP Temperature monitoring solutions on all colocation data center suites to monitor its cold and hot aisles. The clients IT infrastructure is monitored 24x7x365 and prompt action can be taken in the event of a temperature deviation.

Both data center suites and technical areas also make use of the single port temperature and humidity sensors, as full climate insight is important for a complete management view of the company’s data center operations.

AKCP Temperature Sensor Greenhouse Datacenters

AKCP Daisychain temperature sensor installed in Greenhouse Datacenters facilities

Monitoring of Potential Risks

Potential leaks and the risk that they pose to IT hardware make them critical to detect as early as possible. AKCP Spot Water Sensors are in place to alert the data center engineers when any liquid is detected. As a second layer of protection, Greenhouse Datacenters has placed AKCP Locate Rope Water sensors around the perimeter of potential risk areas.

Managing Devices Without Standard Monitoring Features

For monitoring of various essential parts of Greenhouse Datacenters’ facilities without standard monitoring features, like transport pumps/fire dampers and basic CRAC units, the company utilizes the dry-contact inputs on the AKCP sensorProbeX+. The system sends the engineers an alert message when the state of a connected device changes.

As Greenhouse Datacenters is experiencing rapid growth in customer demand, it forces the colocation provider to accelerate plans to build an entirely new data center a short distance from its current two data centers in the Rotterdam/The Hague area. The data center operator’s enthusiasm for the quality of AKCP’s monitoring solutions will lead them to deploying AKCP solutions in the new data centers as well.

To learn more about Greenhouse Datacenters, visit: https://www.greenhousedatacenters.nl/en

AKCP solutions in the Netherlands are available from MCB Techniek

AKCP established in the USA in 1981, has 30+ years experience in professional sensor solutions. AKCP created the market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions.






AKCPAKCP Temperature Monitoring For Greenhouse Datacenters’ Colocation Facilities