sensorProbe8 - an intelligent sensor monitoring device for data centers and remote site locations


High-Speed, Accurate and Rugged Remote Sensor Monitoring Device

The sensorProbe8 (SP8) is a completely embedded host with a proprietary Linux like OS which includes TCP/IP stack, a built in web-server and full Email and SNMP functionality. It allows you to connect and monitor up to 8 AKCP sensors.

  • Product Code: SP8

A High-Speed, Accurate and Intelligent Monitoring device. The sensorProbe8 is a completely embedded host with a proprietary Linux like OS which includes TCP/IP stack, a built in web-server and full Email and SNMP functionality.

Based on years of Industry Experience it’s ready to run right out of the box, simply assign the IP address and connect to the embedded web server.

The sensorProbe8 can record all events in its database with a time stamp of when the sensor alarm was raised and the action taken place. A standalone product with no external software dependencies, the sensorProbe8 gives you the very best for your monitoring needs.

It has 8 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports which work with a wide range of AKCP intelligent sensors. It can use any combination of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security and even control relays.

AKCP sensors can also be used to detect AC voltage and measure DC voltage. Our sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in the airflow, temperature and humidity.

sensorProbe8 safeguards your infrastructure, resources and investment from external disaster before it happens.



  • Size 8.5″ x 5.43″ x 1.80″
  • 1U Rack Mount Standard
  • Weight : 1.75 Kg


  • x8 RJ-45 ports for connecting
  • AKCP sensors


Operating Environment

  • Temperature : Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
  • Humidity : Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

Power Requirements

  • Voltage 5 VDC – 3A

Network Interface

  • Standard 100MB Full Duplex Ethernet RJ-45 Port


  • Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8
    RJ-45 sensor ports

Power Over Ethernet

  • SP8 PoE is IEEE 802.3af  compliant

Status Indicators

  • LED indication for Power
  • LED for Network Connectivity
  • LED for sensor online and threshold status


  • Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface
    mount technology to ensure long term reliability.

Power Consumption

  • 1.12 Watt, 0.15A
  • Fully embedded TCP/IP and web-server.
  • Built-in notification features – Email and SNMP traps.
  • 8 auto-sense ports for connecting any AKCP sensors.
  • A new improved web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring.
  • Continuous time feature on every sensor port to eliminate false warning alerts.
  • Login for User and Administrator for better security.
  • Battery backed time of day clock for an accurate system date and time.
  • A standalone product without any external hardware and software dependencies.
  • Micro code firmware update over the Internet.
  • Customized color configuration for displaying alerts.
  • Network Management System Integration.

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