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AKCP Provides Monitoring for LITC.

AKCP’s distributor in Libya, Alshafak, have conducted training for LITC (Libyan International Telecoms  Company). LITC have an installed base of over 200 AKCP base units, Door Control Units and sensorProbeX+ devices, monitoring remote locations and telecom sites throughout Libya. Sensor data is consolidated with video streams from IP cameras with AKCPro Server. The solution was deployed to monitor remote site locations. Base Transceiver Station (BTS) tower sites across Libya are now monitored from a single location and software.

Alshafak - AKCP monitoring LITC training

Remote site power systems are monitored with power meters, generator monitoring, battery monitoring and fuel tank level. Environmental conditions are monitored with dual temperature and humidity sensors. Water leak detection and smoke detectors are also installed.

AKCP provides security for remote sites with access control, motion detectors and integrated IP video camera streams.

Each site has an LCD display to show sensor data on site. Central monitoring of all systems is provided through customized desktops on AKCPro Server. The following elements are consolidated with the server :-

  • 1.1 MVA Generator
  • 250kVA Generator
  • ZTE Rectifiers
  • UPS’s
  • Air Conditioners
  • Fuel Tank Level
  • Door Access
  • Motion Detection
  • Smoke Detection
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Dual Temperature and Humidity
  • SMS alerting


Libyan International Telecoms Company was founded in 2009 as the primary voice and data provider in Libya. They manage the domestic and international networks to accommodate the rapid increase in local and regional demand for cellular data services. Libyas geographic position in Africa, and proximity to Europe makes it the ideal location for a hub of data and communications services for the African Continent.

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AKCPAlshafak – AKCP Monitoring LITC (Libyan International Telecoms Company)