AKCP announces In-Line Power Meters upgrade for computer cabinet power strips.


Upgrade any basic power strip into an intelligent, managed PDU with optional latched relay for remote power switching.

AKCP In-Line Power Meters (ILPM) give a cost effective upgrade path for your computer cabinets. With no need to remove the existing power strip and minimal downtime, the ILPM plugs in-between your main power source and existing power strip. Monitor your total IT load power consumption at cabinet level. With the optional latched relay switch power to the cabinet, or add a smoke detector to implement the AKCP Patent Pending In Cabinet Fire Suppression System.

Monitoring of power in your computer cabinet is essential to ensure you are not coming close to tripping your circuit breaker. When planning data center expansion and adding additional IT load to a cabinet the power meter can aid in calculating if there is sufficient power overhead available for the additional load. The ILPM is equipped with a billable grade accuracy power meter making it also suitable for co-located data centers for billing individual clients.

In Line Power Meters can be incorporated into part of the AKCP Rack+ system, with the addition of the AKCP cabinet thermal map it provides power monitoring, switching and temperature monitoring all in a single sensor port. Monitor up to 16 cabinets from a single IP address.

This method of building an intelligent PDU has several advantages over the traditional all in one 0U PDU approach. By removing the controller and power meter from the PDU it frees up additional 0U space for outlets, as well as making the whole system easily upgradeable. No need to purchase an expensive metered PDU for each cabinet. A single controller with an ILPM for each cabinet is all that is required, and if you need a new power strip simply replace it at low cost.

In-Line Power Meters are available in 16 Amp and 32 Amp versions with a variety of cable options to match your existing powertrain.

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AKCPAKCP announces In-Line Power Meters upgrade for computer cabinet power strips.