Remote Site Monitoring and Control

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Together with AKCP’s dealer in Columbia, Klover, have installed a pilot project to monitor remote sites in Columbia.

Ecopetrol are the state owned Columbian oil company involved in the exploration for new oil and gas reserves, managing of drilling rig sites, production and the transport and distribution of oil and gas. They also form partnerships or purchase third parties companies involved in such activities. They have some 200 remote sites across Columbia that they wish to monitor and as part of this AKCP installed a proof of concept at one of their sites.

The pilot installation included a securityProbe 5E , E-Sensor 8 expansion module, power meters, Temperature and humidity sensors, airflow sensor, smoke detector, dry contact monitoring and DC voltage sensor. The base securityProbe 5E base unit offered Ecopetrol a complete environmental, security monitoring system and could be used an SNMP gateway to interface all sensors into their own Network Management Software.

In addition to sensor monitoring Ecopetrol also installed two Infrared CCTV cameras at the pilot site. They are now considering using AKCess Pro Server as their primary monitoring software so that there is a seamless integration of all the site monitoring equipment for environmental, security and video surveillance. Due to the modular design of the AKC system it would be easy for the sites to be upgraded in the future to include access control for the remote sites through AKCess Pro Server.

AKCP AdministratorRemote Site Monitoring and Control