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Firmware Update – Download – release date 12 May 2021

Latest WTG Firmware –
Note: To download files, right-click on the file and select “save as”
6006c3074858528eba3bdb4072271644 *akcp.mib
2cfd032476f3c2ce04c10c63c850340b *Public__ChangeLog_AKCP_419.txt
418ff2183e0da9db4e47ef5301bac968 *wtsg-f7-1.0.419.bin
2062e71956c96be82029827c800476a2 *WTG Firmware_Update_READ_ME_FIRST.txt
4020750dc37bb6bf2248ac2ac6bf697e *

BOS Firmware
Note: this is the last firmware release for BOS wireless sensors

WTS Firmware

Please refer to the WTG (Wireless Tunnel Gateway) and the BOS/WTS manuals for the upgrading instructions that can be downloaded from the All Manuals page.

Important: To be able to use WTG with APS, this release must be used with the server software version 15.1.x or higher. Please contact our sales team via email at [email protected] for a quotation and download link for the AKCPro Server software.

Please click the following link to download the latest version of:
IPSet6.0.0 (Last update: 22 December 2017)
md5sum: 9f9c2cb116bf4109d393c8819fa1b6ec

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see the Read Me First text file that is included in the WTG firmware package for instructions on using the IPSet with the WTG units.
As a quick reminder our latest MIB file is included in the WTG firmware download package.

Download MIB
Click here for the MIB file. (Last update: 17 May 2021)
Click here for the latest AKCP OID Manual (for all units)

Browser Connections & Log in Issues

Please note that currently the only supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If using other unsupported browsers, the Web UI may not load correctly.

Important Note: All of the newer third party web browser versions (from 2020 on), including Chrome & Firefox will eventually include new security restrictions for HTTPS. These changes will affect your connections to all of our units web interface and also our AKCPro Server web interface.

You have two options to avoid these browser connection issues. The first is to simply use HTTP and not HTTPS.

The second is to replace or upload your own valid, trusted HTTPS certificate and if necessary add this certificate to your trusted certificate lists within your web browser.

Please check with your local system administrator for assistance with this. You can also check our “Adding Security Certificate to AKCP Products” guide in the All Manuals page as well.

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