AKCP detects water leaks

AKCP AdministratorPress Release

customizable length – up to 50 meters – connects to AKCP security Probe 5E– connects to AKCP sensorProbe Bangkok, Thailand – December 18, 2009 – AKCP Inc., announces the launch … Read More

AKCP AdministratorAKCP detects water leaks

Javica certifies AKCP sensorProbe™ for WhatsUp Gold

AKCP AdministratorPress Release

Sanford, Maine, July 26,2003 AKCP’s cutting edge sensorProbe™ series of SNMP enabled monitoring solutions have been certified by Javica (www.javica.com) for WhatsUp Gold – the award winning network management tool … Read More

AKCP AdministratorJavica certifies AKCP sensorProbe™ for WhatsUp Gold

sensorProbe goes Mobile!!

AKCP AdministratorPress Release

Bangkok, Thailand – Dec 21st, 2002 The sensorProbe, the ultimate solution in remote monitoring of environmental changes, is now enabled with an additional feature called SMS Messaging (Short Messaging Service). … Read More

AKCP AdministratorsensorProbe goes Mobile!!