AKCP Releases sensorProbe+ Firmware v1.0.5488

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AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wired and wireless network-enabled professional sensor solutions has released a firmware update for the sensorProbe+ series of base units. This includes the modular sensorProbeX+ devices and 4 port sensorProbe2+.

The firmware update includes new features as follows:

  • Map support. The sensorProbe+ user interface now supports a top-level map
  • Workspaces are now stored on the SP+ device memory, not cached in the web browser.
  • Dew Point virtual sensor. Calculate Dew Point based on temperature and humidity sensor data
  • IPv4 and V6 Remote Syslog
  • Support for AKCP Cloud Web UI access.
  • IPv4 and V6 NTP redundancy
  • IPv4 and V6 DNS server redundancy
  • IPv4 and V6 Radius server redundancy
  • Auto redirection to HTTPS when HTTP is disabled
  • SNMP Trap notification includes OID for the previous status

sensorProbe+ firmware release screen shot

In addition to the new features, the firmware also fixes several reported bugs in the sensorProbe+ platform.

The sensorProbeX+ is a 1U, rack-mountable sensor monitoring device. Network-enabled, and compatible with a wide range of AKCP intelligent sensors. It has been deployed across many industries. Available in several standard configurations and also customizable with additional modules it can be built to suit the individual monitoring requirements of the end-user.

The sensorProbe2+ is a compact, rugged 4 port sensor monitoring device. Proven the world over as a reliable and cost-effective monitoring platform.

The sensorProbe+ platform is also compatible with the latest AKCP NIST2 and NIST4 temperature sensors. The NIST2 comes as a free upgrade to the standard temperature sensor. Featuring a pair of NSIT calibrated temperature sensors, the values are checked against each other for accuracy. An alarm can be raised should the sensor be out of calibration. The NIST4 sensors include 4x NIST calibrated sensors, working in 6 pair combinations. The values of each pair are averaged. If a pair is found to be out of calibration their values are ignored and an alarm is raised. The remaining sensors continue to function providing failover in the event a pair is out of calibration.

The new firmware v1.0.5488 can be downloaded here

AKCPAKCP Releases sensorProbe+ Firmware v1.0.5488