AKCP Announces Tunneling Cloud Service for SP2+ and SPX+

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The AKCP sensorProbeX+ series is the new standard for professional sensor monitoring. Modular in construction, the SPX+ can be configured with the number of sensor ports, dry contacts, relays, and analog to digital inputs you need. Making remote access of the device simpler, AKCP has launched its Tunneling Cloud Service, enabling remote SPX+ web interface access through firewalls and without the need to configure port forwarding on your router.

Unlike traditional cloud services where data is collected and stored on third-party servers, the AKCP SP2+ and SPX+ Tunneling Cloud Service does not store any of your data on its servers. This ensures that data is always yours, and there are no security issues. AKCP’s servers act as a tunnel from your web browser to the base unit, using encrypted HTTPS. All data passing through the internet is encrypted, unable to be accessed by AKCP or any intermediary.

sensorProbe8N-X20 connects to AKCP tunneling cloud service

sensorProbe+ device

Utilizing the Tunneling Cloud Service simplifies the installation and setup of remote access to the SP2+ and SPX+. Because the AKCP Tunneling Cloud Service does not require any adjustment to your corporate firewall, security is maintained. The Tunneling Cloud Service is an optional licensed feature. Please contact your AKCP dealer for more details. The service is available on all SP2+ and SPX+ platforms. Features include:

  • IPV6
  • VPN
  • SNMPV3
  • Radius
  • 80x virtual sensors

In addition up to 50 free SMS alerts per year are included via an e-mail to SMS gateway. Using the notification wizards on the SP2+ and SPx+ you can now send email notifications without the need to purchase a modem or pay for costly monthly telecom fees.

AKCP established in the USA in 1981, has 30+ years experience in professional sensor solutions. AKCP created the market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensors


AKCPAKCP Announces Tunneling Cloud Service for SP2+ and SPX+