Product Release : securityProbe Internal 3G Modem


securityProbe Internal 3G Modem

Internal 3G Modem


securityProbe Series : Internal 3G Modem

AKCP is pleased to announce the release of our new Internal 3G Modem available on all new securityProbe series base units.

External Antenna
Boost signal strength to securityProbes installed in areas of weak signal by using a high-power external antenna.

Notification Wizards
Send Email & SMS messages using real-time sensor data. Attached recorded images to enhance alerts to personnel.

Save space and reduce rack clutter
Installed inside of the securityProbe with no additional USB hardware or audio cables required.

Remote Access & OpenVPN
Enable high-speed remote access to securityProbe units. A full featured OpenVPN client allows for connectivity to AKCPro Server or to other third party OpenVPN networks.

3G Modem Notification

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AKCPProduct Release : securityProbe Internal 3G Modem