Monitoring Remote Cell Sites in Indonesia

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PT Magnar Nugraha uses AKCP’s securityProbe 5E to monitor unmanned cellphone transmitter sites throughout remote locations in Indonesia.

The AKCP Pan Tilt Dome Camera, dual temperature and humidity sensor, dry contacts, PMS sensor and sensor controlled relays compliment the securityProbe 5E, providing a complete monitoring solution.

These Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) are powered by solar panels, a battery backup system and diesel fueled generators. This ensures there is always a source of power available no matter what the circumstances.

The securityProbe 5E’s are installed inside each of the sites secure mobile containers, which house all of the sensitive operational hardware at each location. AKCP’s intelligent sensors are then used to monitor the following environmental conditions :

  • The internal temperature and humidity is monitored using AKCP’s single port dual temperature\humidly sensor.
  • Video security is monitored via the AKCP Pan Tilt Dome (PTDC) cameras as well as motion detection. These pictures are then uploaded to the customers ftp server for instantaneous viewing at their central command and control center.
  • AKCP’s Digital Volt Meter is used to monitor the output voltages, current and health of their battery backup systems and also the fuel level of the backup genterators.
  • The AC power output from the backup generators are being monitored by the AKCP Power Monitoring Sensor
  • Dry contact sensors detect when the backup generators have been activated and the AKCP sensor controlled relays are controlling equipment such as the cooling fans for example.

Backup Generator

All of the AKCP sensors are tied to notification actions that have been setup on the securityProbe 5E’s built in web interface and sent automatically when their pre- set thresholds are reached. No other hardware or software is required.

Some of these sites, due to their remote location, do not have local area network (LAN), or wide area network (WAN) connection. The only access possible is via a GPRS network, so GSM modems are required. These third party USB GSM modems are connected to the securityProbe 5E’s USB port allowing for the real time status of the unit and sensors to be pushed out at pre-set intervals.

The customer required the data from the unit and of all the sensors to periodically (every 20 seconds) be sent directly to their web servers. This was initially accomplished using a PC to poll data from the securityProbe 5E, and then the PC was pushing out the data using HTTP GET to the web server.

In order to stream line this process and eliminate the need for the PC (reducing the customers costs considerably), AKCP added support for the HTTP GET/POST into the “heartbeat” message as a script that can easily be chosen from a drop down menu on the heartbeat option. This custom engineering feature enhancement was provided free of charge to the customer by AKCP.


Cellphone site power station

AKCPMonitoring Remote Cell Sites in Indonesia