Racks Are Installed

AKCPDemo Data Center

The raised access flooring is complete, and so today we moved in the first 8 racks. Tomorrow we will be starting to install the carpet tiles in the control room, the base boards and coving to tidy up the look of the facility. After this the aircon for the control room will be installed.

The electrical contractor will soon start installing the electrical distribution panels from the generator under the raised access flooring to each rack. Piping for the chilled water feed and warm water return lines will also start to be laid under the raised access flooring.

Raised access flooring installed

Raised access flooring installed

Racks being installed in AKCP test data center

Racks being moved into place

Racks installed in AKCP test data center

8 racks arranged in 2 rows of 4 with space for the in row AHU to be placed.


AKCPRacks Are Installed