Remote Equipment Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring for Remote Cabinets

Outdoor telecom cabinets contain a range of equipment that needs to be monitored and protected against theft and damage. AKCP manufactures a complete range of hardware and software monitoring products designed specifically for equipment found in remote telecom or electrical cabinets.

AKCP’s range of intelligent sensor hardware can monitor a variety of parameters in telecom cabinet sites. Parameters such as :

Environmental and equipment parameters are monitored 24/7. Alerts will be generated when sensors go outside of pre-defined limits.

AKCP’s Virtual Sensors collect data from third party equipment and can also use the information to send out alerts. Virtual Sensors can be configured to poll data via :

  • SNMP Get / SNMP Receiver
  • Custom BASH / PERL Scripting
Remote Site Controller

Control Power Remotely

AKCP Sensor Controlled Relays allow you to save time, eliminate site visits and save money.  Many equipment problems can be resolved with a simple reboot.

AKCP’s software and hardware relays are perfect for remotely rebooting servers, kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, workstations, servers and any other machines on a distributed network.

Monitor devices using PING or more sophisitcated command response scripts sent from the central server. If the remote equipment responds incorrectly, an encrypted , password protected software shutdown command can be issued. If the system fails to response automatically power cycle equipment that has locked up. Create scheduled reboot actions to refresh devices.

Remote IO Control

AKCP provides low cost dry contacts that can be configured as inputs or outputs. They can detect many inputs such as UPS statuses, security systems, alarm panels or air conditioning statuses.

From sounding audible siren alarms, manual switch on and off relays or even control a cooling system. AKCP give you the flexibility to monitor and respond to physical alert conditions from any location.

Off-grid rechargable power supply and battery monitoring

AKCP remote units can be used off-grid with a solar panel and battery charge controller. When in ultra low power mode, AKCP remote units draw a very limited amount of power from the battery. This not only extends the life of the battery due to lowering heat dissipation, but also limits the amount of time taken to recharge the battery. This comes in useful in days of limited sunlight hours.

Temperature and Battery Health monitoring sensors can be added to check battery health so that scheduled maintenance can be arranged before power outages occur.

Connect remote AKCP hardware to the AKCess Pro Server

AKCess Pro Server Remote Monitoring

The backbone of AKCP’s remote cabinet monitoring system is the AKCess Pro Server. Installed at a central location, the AKCess Pro Server enables administration and control over your entire remote cabinet infrastructure.

AKCPRemote Equipment Monitoring