Veterinary Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring of medicines in storage or transit

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere
  • Realtime Monitoring and Alerts
  • Wireless Sensors

Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated Storage Monitoring

Over 30 years experience in sensor monitoring solutions

Veterinary clinics store medicines that can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In addition to temperature controlled storage areas for refrigerated medicines, non-tmperature controlled storage is also utilized. Despite this, even those medicines not requiring refrigeration have maximum temperatures for exposure beyond which efficacy is effected.

Monitoring Temperature of Veterinary Medicine Storage

Studies have shown that a large quatity of drugs that are stored in clinics, medical bags, emergency vehicles and so on are being exposed to temperatures beyond the manufacturers recomended storage temperature. Prolonged exposure to these conditions leads to decreased efficacy of the drugs. Other factors include light and humidity. Most drugs that are non-refrigerated require storage in cool, dark, dry conditions and not higher than 25-30°C. By implementing a remote temperature monitoring system for veterinary clinics and medicine storage excursions above such temperatures can be monitored. This can save drugs from becoming inneffective, and also avoid wastage of exposed product.

Graphing, History
and Reports

Logging of all data on AKCPro Server centralized monitoring platform. Create graphs of temperature over specific periods, view accumulated total time out of storage and generate digitally signed FDA compliant PDF reports for regulatory compliance.

Improve Quality and
Reduce Waste

Ensuring the efficacy of veterinary medicines by checking realtime temperature and recieving alerts when temperature excursions occur. Save medicine wastage through disposal of compromised product.

AKCPro Server – Central Monitoring Software

AKCPro Server central monitoring software displays all your vehicle locations, and temperature values. Live central monitoring of all deployed devices. Daily reports and graphing. Use with all AKCP base units

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