Remote Fuel and Generator Monitoring

Monitor Your Generator & Fuel Online

Ensuring your Generator is healthy and ready when needed is of paramount importance to avoid interruption to daily operations. But how do you know your generator is being maintained, that there is fuel in the tank, how many hours it has run? Using AKCP’s Generator Monitoring Solution you can now achieve all of this and more.


The SP2+E forms the backbone of the system. It features 3 sensor ports, a Modbus RS485 port, and Ethernet connection for network connectivity An optional 3G Cellular Data Modem can be added as well for sites with unstable or no wired network available.

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

The UFLS is installed on standby fuel tanks. Suitable for tanks up to a maximum depth of 2 meters it will constantly monitor the level in your tank and provide you with accurate readings. Know your generator is fueled and ready to go, as well as monitoring for potential fuel theft.

Real Time Monitoring

Accurate, reliable and up to the minute monitoring via the SP2+E built in web interface, or AKCess Pro Server software. Be alerted the instant a problem occurs via E-mail, SMS, SNMP and more.

Maintenance Alerts

Keep your generators scheduled and preventative maintenace up to date. Be alerted when a generator reaches a specified number of run-time hours. Never miss an oil change, or put your generator at risk of not being ready just when you need it the most.

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