Remote Fuel and Generator Monitoring

Monitoring fuel level in storage tanks for backup power generators is critical, not only to ensure smooth operation and power constant power for the BTS site, but increasingly fuel level monitoring is being used to protect the fuel asset.

AKCP’s monitoring system uses an ultrasonic fuel level sensor on fuel tanks to accurately determine current fuel level and graph usage over time. This could be compared to generator power run time determined from power monitoring sensors to check fuel usage against generator time.

Detect Unauthorized Fuel Usage, Leaks and Levels

Cell tower locations often have unattended fuel stores on site to power emergency backup generators. Fuel storage tanks often fall victim to fuel theft or unauthorized fuel usage costing cell tower management companies substantial amounts of money as well as the possibility of no backup power being available.

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor for Remote Fuel Storage Tanks

With AKCP you can monitor fuel usage at multiple locations and receive alerts when sudden fuel drops are detected. This allows you to coordinate with site security personnel for immediate inspection.

Key Features

  • Report fuel usage of individual employees at each remote fuel site.
  • Allocate fuel to an employee at a remote fuel site.
  • Alert when fuel levels are low.
  • Flexible installation using the SAE5 Standard Mounting pattern.
  • High return on investment.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption.
  • Add Real Time or event based video recording for complete piece of mind.
  • Create detailed fuel consumption reports.
  • Accurate Ultrasonic Sensors report a continuous fuel level in each tank.
  • Monitor fuel leaks under the tank with an AKCP Fuel Sensor.

Detect theft using Rate of Change

Detect fuel theft using AKCP's rate of change feature

AKCP’s fuel theft detection detects the “rate of change” in the physical fuel level over a period of 1 to 20 minutes. Detection can be detected in both rising and falling fuel levels to track refills or fuel theft scenarios.

By linking this alerting feature to one of 15 notification types you can receive an SMS, E-Mail or SNMP Alert to allow your security personnel to respond to the situation appropriately by sounding alarms, triggering deterrent devices via relay or placing an automatic call to local police stations in the area.

Notifications can be set up and configured on the central server application, the local AKCP hardware device or both.

AKCess Pro Server can be used to control, map, record video and generation notifications from all of your remote fuel sites. Anywhere in the world.

Monitor Engine Run time

Compare fuel usage against generator run times for in-depth analysis of fuel consumption and usage. Send alerts to employees to inform them when the fuel tank is due to be refilled.

All of this information can be monitored and controlled from AKCess Pro Server.

Monitor Engines using MODBUS / CANBUS

A wide range of engines can be monitored using AKCP’s MODBUS and CANBUS protocols.

Monitor and Control

  • Engine start / stop,
  • Oil temperature,
  • Pressure,
  • Fault codes and warnings,
  • Engine RPM’s,
  • Engine runtime,
  • Coolant temperatures,
  • Fuel flow rates,
  • Total fuel used,
  • Total KWH and much more…

AKCP also integrates with legacy generator sets using dry contact sensors, 4-20mAmp Sensors and Isolated Digital Voltmeters.

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