AKCP Increases Wireless Sensor Battery Life with an updated sensorProbeWT

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AKCP Increases Wireless Sensor Battery Life with an updated sensorProbeWT

AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest supplier of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions have increased their sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel™ (SP-WT) battery life to 10 years.

The SP-WT is a 4 port wireless sensor device. Connect AKCP intelligent sensors, such as temperature, humidity, water leak, power, dry contacts and cabinet thermal maps. With 4 sensors sharing a single radio the cost of deployment is reduced, as well as more sensors within a given area due to fewer broadcasting signals.

The SP-WT can be powered by 3x internal AAA batteries, for 5 years. With the addition of the optional external battery pack, containing an additional 6x AAA batteries the SP-WT battery life of 10 years. The external battery pack attaches to the rear of the SP-WT, and has built in mounting for DIN rails and wall screws. The SP-WT can also be powered by a standard 5VDC USB power supply.

SP-WT with battery pack for increased life

What is Wireless Tunnel™?

The AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ technology is a proprietary protocol layer that runs on LoRa based radio hardware. The Wireless Tunnel™ protocol addresses some deficiencies in LoRaWAN that make it unsuitable for use in critical infrastructure monitoring. AKCP implemented guaranteed message delivery, acknowledgment of data and immediate broadcast on thresholds being exceeded.

AKCP sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel™ Server (SP-WTS)

The SP-WT is the sensor base, transmitting its data to the SP-WTS, the server. The SP-WTS runs the same software as all of AKCP’s sensorProbe+ devices. Including MQTT, SNMP-V3, IPV6, TACACS and Radius. Create your own private LoRa based, Wireless Tunnel™ network. No need for cloud services or connections to third party services. The SP-WTS collects the data from all connected SP-WT, providing alerts, graphing and data logging.

For more details on the sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel™ devices and how you can utilize them in your facilities visit www.akcp.com


AKCP established in the USA in 1981, has 30+ years experience in professional sensor solutions. AKCP created the market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensors. AKCP has several divisions tailored to the needs of different industries.

AKCPAKCP Increases Wireless Sensor Battery Life with an updated sensorProbeWT