AKCP Wireless Sensors Are Approved by SFDA

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AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest supplier of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions has been approved by the Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

AKCP, working with their Saudi dealers Advanced KSA and Quality Horizons, have integrated the AKCP Wireless Tunnel temperature sensor monitoring system with the Saudi Arabian Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). As food and drug products are sensitive to environmental stress, it is essential that their temperature and humidity be monitored. This solution ensures compliance with cold chain regulations per the SFDA. 

AKCP wireless temperature sensor installed in Saudi FDA approved warehouse

AKCP Wireless sensor installed in a warehouse

AKCP Wireless Tunnel sensors were deployed at multiple warehouses in Saudi Arabia. Taking advantage of LoRa radio technology, for low-power long-range transmission, they are ideal for a warehouse environment. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calibrated Dual temperature and humidity sensors were installed and linked to a single Wireless Tunnel Gateway in each warehouse. The gateway stores and forwards the data via MQTT to the SFDA platform.

Wireless sensor warehouse locations SFDA

Saudi Arabian Food and Drug Administration (SFDA)

AKCP mapping interface on web UI of the Wireless Tunnel Gateway

For this project AKCP also undertook customization of their software, adding new features such as an average value of multiple sensors in a single warehouse and support for secure MQTTS protocol. The SFDA requires that no data is lost. The AKCP Wireless Tunnel protocol addresses this by storing the data on the sensor in a queue. At regular intervals, the data queue is broadcast and the sensor must receive an acknowledgment from the gateway. If one is not received, the data is not erased but will be re-broadcast at the next interval together with the latest data.

AKCP wired and Wireless Tunnel monitoring system is available now. Contact [email protected] for more details.

AKCP established in the USA in 1981, has 30+ years of experience in professional sensor solutions. AKCP created the market for networked temperature, environmental, and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions.







AKCPAKCP Wireless Sensors Are Approved by SFDA