AKCP Releases Wireless Tunnel™ as an alternative to LoRaWAN

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Wireless Tunnel™ a LoRaWAN Alternative?

LoRaWAN® and AKCP’s Wireless Tunnel™ are built on Semtech’s LoRa™, long-range radio chirp spread spectrum technology. Wireless Tunnel™ is a complete solution from sensors to gateway to server. AKCP designs and manufactures the complete end to end communications software and hardware.

wireless tunnel sensor

LoRa is an energy efficient, long-range and low cost bi-directional communications technology. Operating on unlicensed frequencies and tailored for IoT applications. LoRaWAN is a wide area network, capable of supporting a large number of sensors communicating over the internet. LoraWan is a great protocol, but it is not suitable for all applications. 

Similar to LoRaWAN, the Wireless Tunnel™ supports large numbers of sensors communicating over a wide area network to a central server through numerous gateways. 

The Wireless Tunnel™ supports both wide area and local, private networks. Private networks provide local data storage and non internet operation. Unlike LoRaWAN and other IoT cloud solutions, it removes the reliance on an internet connection or a central server. AKCP Wireless Tunnel Gateway (WTG) are dual-purpose communications and application servers. This enables local notification, control and reporting. The Wireless Tunnel is suitable for large private networks in factories or data centers. It is also suitable for a mixed installation of wired and wireless sensors. Certain installations require that all data be maintained and stored locally. Some installations are without internet access. The Wireless Tunnel™ works well in any of these applications.

The Wireless Tunnel is perfect for this type of installation. AKCP can tune the network for specific use cases and end-user requirements. For example higher than normal data rates, data logging including spooling and retries, fast bidirectional control. 

The Wireless Tunnel™ System is made up of several components:-

Wireless Tunnel Sensor

Wireless Tunnel Sensor (WTS)

Sensors are available for monitoring a variety of environmental, power and security conditions. Temperature, humidity, water leak detection, door contacts, AC and DC power and dry contacts. WTS act as data loggers when not in range of a WTG, spooling data internally.

Wireless Tunnel Gateway

Wireless Tunnel Gateway (WTG)

Gateways collect data from sensors that are within range. In a single gateway setup the device will manage notifications and graph data. When multiple gateways are deployed they can also act as a pass-through, collecting data and sending it onto the Wireless Tunnel Cloud.


AKCPAKCP Releases Wireless Tunnel™ as an alternative to LoRaWAN