AKCP ZigBee Wireless Technology


The AKCP securityProbe series of Intelligent Base Units now support ZigBee wireless technology, allowing a new range of wireless sensors to be utilized for environmental and security monitoring in data centers and rack mounted equipment.

ZigBee is a high level communications protocol that is build from small-low power digital radios. Despite their low power ZigBee has a range of up to 100 meters and can pass through intermediate devices to connect with longer ones thus extending the range even further.

Designed for situations where a low data rate and a long battery life is required it makes them perfect for sensors where data only needs to be transmitted every few seconds. With a data speed of up to 250 kbit/s on the 2.4GHZ band and 20 kbits/s on 868 MHZ frequency, it can transmit short bursts of data such as temperature or other sensor status.

AKCP now offer a range of wireless ZigBee sensors for a varied range of applications including :-

• Smart cable meter
• DIN Rail Energy Meters
• Smart Energy Meter
• Temperature sensor

For more information on ZigBee wireless sensor technology and how it can be used with AKCP intelligent base units contact [email protected].

AKCPAKCP ZigBee Wireless Technology