Data Center Analyzer – Toolkit For Data Centre Audits


Data Center Analyzer – Toolkit for Data Center Audits

This self-contained toolkit is ideal for data centre technicians and designers. Use for troubleshooting problematic cabinets, containment aisles or performing regular audits on a per cabinet basis.

The kit includes everything you need in one carry case. No security issues, no need to touch your network, no need for external power. The L-DCIM forms a wireless connection to the Cabinet Analysis Sensor (LBCAS) via our LoRa™ based Wireless Tunnel™ technology. Connect your laptop directly to the L-DCIM via it’s WiFi hotspot, or with Ethernet cable. The whole system can be powered over USB from a power pack, or plugged into a USB power adapter.

L-DCIMdata center analyzer toolkit

The L-DCIM is our LoRa™ based wireless gateway with built-in DCIM, AKCPro Server. The Data Centre Analysis user interface allows you to rapidly set up a floorplan with the number of cabinets and aisles in your data centre and begins capturing data on a per cabinet basis. A complete tabulated report on a per cabinet basis is generated together with a snapshot view of each cabinets’ thermal and differential pressure properties.

Cabinet Analysis Sensor (LBCAS)

The LBCAS is a Wireless Tunnel™ sensor, powered by 4x AA rechargeable batteries, with magnetic mounts it is easy to move around from cabinet to cabinet. The sensor includes 6x temperature sensors for monitoring the temperature at the top middle and bottom, front and rear of the cabinet. This gives the air in and out temperatures as well as calculates the ΔT front to rear temperature differential. Two rubber hoses are placed at the front and rear of the cabinet to check the pressure differential (ΔP) between the front and rear. This will aid in determining proper airflow, and containment. When installed on a permanent basis, 2x I/O’s are included, these can be used for monitoring the front and rear cabinet door status, or an alarm output from a UPS for example.


The kit also includes a LoRa™ Wireless Tunnel™ Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensor (LBTH) which can be placed in the hot or cold aisle to check the temperature is within range. A signal strength indicator can be used to perform an analysis of how many L-DCIM gateways would be required to cover the complete data centre floor area should you decide to install the equipment on multiple cabinets on a permanent basis.

Permanent Installation

The system can be installed as either a wired or wireless setup on a permanent basis to constantly monitor every cabinet in your data centre. If you have hot and cold aisle containment, there is also a dedicated containment view in AKCPro Server that illustrates in a sectional view your containment aisle, the cabinet properties, and the aisle temperatures. The wired Cabinet Analysis Sensor (CAS) connects to any sensorProbeX+ base unit.

Example of cabinet analysis report from AKCPro Server

Example of cabinet analysis report from AKCPro Server



AKCPData Center Analyzer – Toolkit For Data Centre Audits