Enterprise Access Control and IP Video Monitoring


AKCP has supplied Cablevision Argentina with a monitoring system for video surveillance, access control and power monitoring. An initial phase of 36 sites around Buenos Aires was installed. After successful implementation at these sites a further 150 sites across Argentina will be monitored with AKCP devices and software.

The project involved integrating several services that Cablevision already had installed. Their existing CCTV system, made up of 120 Quadrix IP cameras, and power monitoring from Lovato, RGAM20 meters. By integrating their existing systems into AKCP base units, the benefits of an SNMP gateway could be leveraged for their existing systems. As part of this integration AKCP engineers were required to write a custom MODBUS script to interface the securityProbe 5ES with the power meters. RFID card readers from HID were used with the Door Control Unit (DCU) and the IP cameras were integrated to AKCPro Server. All custom engineering work was carried out by AKCP at no cost.

Cablevision installed Door Control Units (DCU) and Cabinet Control Units (CCU) that together with AKCPro Server gave them a centrally administered access control system for all sites. Because of the modular design of the AKCP base units it was easy to install and interface to their existing access control RFID system. By using AKCP access control equipment and software it enhanced their existing installation from a single door standalone system to an integrated video surveillance, security monitoring and access control solution.

All of the installed base units were monitored through AKCPro Server. This gave central monitoring of multiple sites, control of access, video surveillance and power monitoring. AKCPro Server synchronizes together sensor events with video footage, particularly useful in an access control situation. With an intuitive timeline feature it’s easy to skip through unnecessary video footage to specific events.

AKCPEnterprise Access Control and IP Video Monitoring