Full Linux added to sensorProbe8


Bangkok, Thailand. June 23, 2005

AKCP, the world leader in SNMP based environmental and security monitoring, today announces the sensorProbe8Linux, a Linux version of its popular sensorProbe8.

The sensorProbe8Linux design is based on AKCP Linux cameraProbe8, inheriting both hardware and software design from its successful predecessor. The sensorProbe8Linux includes video digitizing capability, so users can connect their own cameras through the rear panel connectors.

The sensorProbe8Linux is compatible with any intelligent AKCP sensors and will monitor any combination of temperature, relative humidity, water leakage, airflow, and much more. With temperature and humidity sensors available in a dual sensor as well; a maximum of 16 sensing parameters can be captured simultaneously.

The 4 camera feature on the sensorProbe8Linux allows up to 4 analog cameras to be connected; sophisticated night vision or low cost CCTV cameras. Pictures from the 4 different cameras may be viewed either simultaneously or consecutively, on this Linux based environmental monitoring device. The video captured from some or all cameras can be presented on the web browser, and stored in the convenient and space-saving internal flash memory. Up to 16 total pictures for each event can be recorded for all 4 cameras, and are available ion 2 sizes; 320×240 and 640×480 pixels. A maximum 2,320 pictures, depending on the picture size and resolution, can be recorded on its 128 Megabytes of internal flash memory.

Full Linux is implemented to the sensorProbe8Linux. It hosts hardware boasting a 32-bit ARM processor, 128 Megabytes of Flash and 64 Megabytes of SDRAM, along with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and two serial ports. Software utilities include many applications such as Apache web server, including encrypted https web pages, Bash, Perl, vi, Telnet, PHP, Email, and Nagios, among others. It also supports full SNMP functionality, relying on our 24 years of SNMP experience to include a full featured mib for all sensors.

Video conferencing software is integrated into the sensorProbe8Linux to make installation hassle free and ready to operate. In addition, RRD, the well-known data graphing and logging tool, adds the flexibility of easy professional graphing. The individual graph (day, week, month, and year) for each sensor type can be customized to generate a particular graph. Data up to one year is logged and then automatically backed up to an on-board flash memory. No data is lost due to power failure.

The sensorProbe8Linux is the essential device in monitoring and protecting business valued assets and data before disaster strikes.

The price of $1,395.00 for a complete system includes all software, rack mount brackets, and a single port temperature and humidity sensorRemote whose cable length can be up to 1,000 feet.

About AKCP

AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of IP-based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 15,000 organizations use AKCP solutions for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. Providing early warning of threats to the integrity of a company’s data and assets, AKCP serves the Rack Mount, Telecommunications, Power, and Food and Beverage Industries, Corporate Data Centers and Wiring Closets, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Department of Defense, and many more industries requiring the ultimate in natural and man made disaster prevention.

AKCPFull Linux added to sensorProbe8