AKCP Power Monitoring for Colocation Data Center

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Salam Integrated Telecom Company are a leading provider of communications in Saudi Arabia, offering broadband and satellite internet services. Since being established in 2005 they have grown to provide consumer, business and wholesale telecoms services. Salam manage 6 data centers, and two international cable landing stations in Jeddah and Al Khobar. These stations connect Saudi Arabia via submarine cables to the rest of the world. The connection is distributed throughout Saudi Arabia via 17,000km of fiber optic cable via the Saudi National Fiber Network.

Salam offer co location data center services. AKCP’s dealer in Saudi Arabia, SETRA, successfully implemented the installation of a power monitoring system using in Line Power Meters (ILPM) to provide billable grade accuracy. This allows Salam to accurately bill their clients who are renting space in the co-location data center facilities. The requirement was for monitoring of 30 racks. The ILPM were connected to the AKCP sensorProbeX+ devices which provide networked monitoring via a built in user interface and SNMP to their existing network management platform.

sensorProbeX+ devices rack mounted and connected with the In Line Power Meters


The solution now allows Salam to accurately bill their clients based on their individual power usage. The co location clients can also have a clearer insight as to their power usage, and the whole system becomes more transparent. Power usage efficiency can be improved through analysis of collected data, and cooling systems re-designed to provide cooling where it is needed the most.

In line Power Meters under raised access flooring provide monitoring for each racks power consumption

AKCPAKCP Power Monitoring for Colocation Data Center