OpenNMS User Conference 2011 (OUCE 2011)


openNMS User Conference 2011 (OUCE 2011)

In May, Didactum (AKCP Dealer in Germany) gave a live AKCP demonstration at the two day OUCE 2011 event.

On the first day of OUCE 2011, Mr. Taurus Balog from the OpenNMS Group presented to an International audience on the basics of the four major areas of OpenNMS:


Event management

Service assurance

Data collection

openNMS conference Germany
openNMS AKCP presentation

On the second day of the OpenNMS User Conference Europe 2011, Didactum presented the AKCP product line and demonstrated how AKCP remote sensor monitoring systems integrate into OpenNMS.

During a well-attended workshop Didactum showed how easy it is to integrate the sensorProbe2 and securityProbe-5E remote monitoring devices as well as sensors into OpenNMS.

The feedback from the workshop was encouraging as users discovered the power and capabilities of the AKCP remote monitoring solution.

AKCP Demo Rack at Open NMS

Open NMS and AKCP demo rack

Each OpenNMS user that attended the workshop was subsequently able to integrate all AKCP devices and intelligent sensors using OpenNMS.

More information about OpenNMS can be found here

AKCPOpenNMS User Conference 2011 (OUCE 2011)