Smart Data Center Monitoring


AKCP Smart Data Center Monitoring

Over 30 Years ago AKCP created the SNMP environmental monitoring industry. AKCP continues to maintain its leadership within the industry with its latest solution for Smart Data Center Monitoring, the Rack+ system.

The AKCP Rack+ system comprises several products that work individually and together, to transform your computer rack into an intelligent, monitored computer cabinet, an integrated part of the IoT world.

The In-Line Power Meter (ILPM) upgrades any existing power strip into an intelligent, metered PDU with optional switching capabilities. This is essential to ensure you are not close to tripping circuit breakers, as well as checking for sufficient overhead before adding new devices to a cabinet. PUE calculations also require accurate knowledge of your IT load, the ILPM will provide you with this data through a billing-grade accuracy power meter. With the addition of an optional latched bi-stable relay, you can remotely switch power and utilize the AKCP patent-pending fire suppression system. This avoids the need to release potentially data gasses and avoid shutdown of the complete data center.

AKCP Smart Data Center Monitoring - Rack+ System

Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors provide a detailed overview of your computer cabinets temperature status, with a 6 sensor string. The sensor string comes pre-configured using only a single auto-sense intelligent sensor port. The first three sensors are positioned at the front-rear, top, middle and bottom, and three at the rear top, middle and bottom. The temperature differential between the front air inlet and rear air outlet diagnoses airflow obstructions caused by cables, server or cooling fan failures and insufficient pressure differentials to pull air through the cabinet.

Power meters and thermal maps can be combined together as a single sensor, making this system a cost-effective solution for monitoring up to 16 cabinets on a single IP address. The addition of LCD displays, RFID Swing Handle Locks and Sensor Status Lights completes the selection of Rack+ sensors available for making your cabinet part of your smart data center monitoring system.


AKCPSmart Data Center Monitoring