AKCP Data Center Monitoring in Congo

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AKCP Data Center Monitoring Solution in Congo.

The AKCP data center monitoring solution has been deployed by Ofis Technologies for a new data center in Congo. Located in Pointe-Noire the data center is hosting the IT infrastructure for Ofis Technologies. The facility will also be offered as a co-located hosting service for other clients.

At the data center facility, a hybrid solution combining AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ technology and wired sensors were deployed. Access control systems for the data center main doors, and RFID cabinet locks for rack level access are installed.

AKCP Data center monitoring Solution in Congo

Access Control

Physical security for the data center is an often overlooked aspect. Focus is usually placed on the virtual security with firewalls and protecting data. However, many data breaches are internal and so physical access control is essential. AKCP door control units are compatible with industry-standard locks and weigand readers. Ofis Technologies installed these to control who has physical access to the data center facilities.

In addition, at rack level, RFID cabinet locks are installed. This allows specific control for each cabinet with RFID card access, or remote lock and unlock via software. 

AKCPro Server central management platform administers access rights. Reports on a per door, cabinet or user basis are generated automatically and e-mailed each day. Synchronization with IP camera video feeds adds another layer of security.

Environmental Monitoring

Data center temperature and humidity sensors are installed in the hall and at cabinet level. Wired dual temperature and humidity sensors connect with the securityProbe5E base unit. LoRa based Wireless Tunnel™ temperature and humidity sensors with door contacts are deployed in other areas of the data center facilities.

Fire alarm panels are monitored through dry contact inputs to the securityProbe5ES.

Backup Power Systems

Backup power systems include Diesel generators. The fuel tanks for these are monitored using LoRa based, Wireless Tunnel™ Tank Depth Pressure Sensors. These sensors provide accurate and stable readings when compared with other technology such as ultrasonic and float type sensors. 

AKCP LoRa Fuel Tank Sensor

As the fuel tanks are located outside the facilities, the penetrating capabilities of the Wireless Tunnel™ technology were identified as an advantage. 2 fuel tanks, located 20m and 35m from the building are monitored from the 1U rack-mounted L-DCIM

AKCP LoRa Range

Centralized Monitoring Software

The complete system is monitored through AKCPro Server, installed on the L-DCIM Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway. Ofis Technologies plan to roll out the monitoring platform for fuel tanks to a further 48 customers in Congo over the coming year.

AKCPAKCP Data Center Monitoring in Congo