AKCP Monitors HVAC Chillers

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HVAC Chiller Monitoring

HVAC Assist, New Zealand, recently completed another installation utilizing the AKCP SP2+ and sensors for monitoring chillers in HVAC systems. In this project, the chiller was recently replaced and a new switchboard installed. The system had an older analogue control system for the central plant, so the SP2+ was deployed to add some intelligence and remote monitoring capabilities to the installation.

The SP2+ interfaced to a Siemens flow meter through our isolated digital voltmeter. A dry contact input monitored the chiller fault alarm and two temperature sensors monitored chilled water out and return flow temperatures.

Rooftop HVAC Chiler
Rooftop HVAC Chiller system

SP2+ Web interface configured for monitoring HVAC system

HVAC Chiller Monitoring
SP2+ and AKCP sensors installed at HVAC control panel

AKCPAKCP Monitors HVAC Chillers