AKCP Monitors Pharmaceutical Storage

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CPS, Inc

CPS, Inc


AKCP Remote Temperature Monitoring

CSPX+ base unit installed at CPS

CPS Uses AKCP Pharmaceutical Storage Temperature Monitoring

CPS provides medication fulfilment and pharmacy consulting services to institutional facilities throughout the United States. AKCP’s remote temperature monitoring solution was implemented at CPS facilities to monitor compliance with the correct environmental conditions for the storage of medications. The temperature data is logged and graphed for compliance with regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical storage. Notifications are sent if temperatures exceed the maximum or minimum thresholds, which protects inventory losses.

CPS has been a long term customer of AKCP products, using them for more than a decade and have experienced zero problems. During a recent expansion CPS upgraded legacy units to our sensorProbeX+ base units paired with Dual Temperature and Humidity sensor.

AKCPAKCP Monitors Pharmaceutical Storage