AKCP monitors wireless network for Okanogan County P.U.D

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AKCP provided 150 SP2 units to Okanogan Country P.U.D as part of their efforts to expand wireless networks throughout the county into rural areas.

Each site consisted of a small outdoor cabinet inside which the networking equipment was located. The SP2 was used to monitor the state of the power supply tot he cabinet and provide notification when the site looses commercial power and switches to battery backup power. The batteries give sufficient time to troubleshoot the system and bring the site back online, and it is vital therefore that early warning of the condition is provided so immediate action can be taken.

With over 150 sites to install, and an already cramped cabinet, the AKCP SP2 device was selected due to it’s small form factor and cost effective price point. By using the SP2 device Okanogan County P.U.D is able to ensure that their wireless network is in a stable state with maximum uptime.



AKCPAKCP monitors wireless network for Okanogan County P.U.D