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NEX : Navy Exchange

The Navy Exchange (NEX) in Guam has been so impressed with the sensorProbe unit they upgraded to the securityProbe along with 4 water resistant temperature probes.

NEX Distribution Center is responsible for all frozen food storage and distribution of these products to all NEX locations located with Navy facilities throughout Guam.


The AKCess Pro devices provide real time monitoring using a LAN. Historical graphs are continuously available showing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual readings.

Freezer temperatures stay constantly between -20C and -23C with a recorded accuracy within a tenth of a degree.

The NEX freezer in Guam is approximately 1200 square meters with an air lock at each end.  This freezer runs temperature between approximately -24C to -17C. The temperature in the air locks hold is about 3C. This temperature monitoring system provides 4 sensors that can be remotely accessed from the LAN.

The data is available in real time as well as recording a history and the ability set high temp alarms that generate notifications. NEX was especially impressed at the ease of installation and that each probe capable of being located up to 300 meters away from the securityProbe.

The next stage of NEX development is to look at getting a full access control system installed enabling complete control via the AKCess Pro Server application.

“For this installation cost was a major consideration and the AKCess Pro system was installed at a very cost effective level.” 
Bill Ward, District Facilities Manager

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