Smart Telecom Philippines use AKCP

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Smart Telecom, Philippines, the largest cellular network and Internet service provider in the Philippines, installed AKCP monitoring devices at their Cebu and Manila data centers.

securityProbe 5ES base units were installed to provide environmental and power monitoring for room and rack level. Dual Temperature and Humidity sensors (THS00) installed on racks and hung from ceiling mounted cable trays ensure that rack and room temperatures do not exceed required limits.

AC Voltage Sensors (ACV00) were installed to monitor rack power. On more than one occasion potential disaster was averted when e-mail alerts sent from the securityProbe 5ES notified them of high temperatures in the server room when air conditioning units had failed. This allowed for reactive maintenance to take place before permanent damage to server equipment was suffered.

After several years of using AKCP products they are seeking to expand their monitoring system to include additional data centers and telecom tower sites.

AKCPSmart Telecom Philippines use AKCP