Delivery of 700x700mm heat exchangers

AKCPAir Handling Unit

Today the 700×700 megaChannel heat exchangers were delivered and the contractor started to measure out the floor area for the partition walling. The 700×700 heat exchangers will be pressure and … Read More

AKCPDelivery of 700x700mm heat exchangers

Chilled Water Loop AHU Testing

AKCPAir Handling Unit

Here’s a video that illustrates our closed loop chilled water system for the AHU. The megaChannel heat exchangers are pulling hot air from the contained rear of the rack and … Read More

AKCPChilled Water Loop AHU Testing

Prototype preFree Cooler

AKCPAir Handling Unit

Here’s a short video showing our prototype preFree cooler. This is an outdoor unit with a pyramid of heat exchangers and fan to draw the air through. Water passes through … Read More

AKCPPrototype preFree Cooler

Rear Door Heat Exchanger Testing

AKCPAir Handling Unit

We have built a prototype system that uses 1/4 of a rack heat exchanger. A stack of 2 heat exchangers. One connected with an outside “pre cooler” unit, the other … Read More

AKCPRear Door Heat Exchanger Testing