3D Model of the AKCP Demo Data Center

AKCPDemo Data Center

3D test data center

The test data center is being constructed in a vacant area of our warehouse. The 3D CAD model below illustrates the setup, with capacity for an 18 rack hot aisle containment center, as well as a single rack and dual rack containment pod.

A glass walled control room with large LCD displays will showcase AKCPro Server and allow us to monitor and control the data center during operation.

Chilled water cooling system will be distributed to in row air handling units under raised access flooring. Power distribution from the generator room will also be via cable trays under the raised access flooring.

Racks will be equipped with 3x 9kW space heaters, giving a maximum capacity of 27kW per rack, or 486kW for the 18 rack containment center. Initially the data center will be equipped with 8 racks, as the electrical capacity of the generator is 250kW.

In the drawing you can see the generator (in yellow), preFree dry cooler (green) and chiller plant (blue).

AKCP3D Model of the AKCP Demo Data Center