Data Center Electrical Installation

AKCPDemo Data Center

AKCP Test data center cables

Today the electrical installation has begun. Powered with a 250kW Generator, the AKCP test data center will be capable of producing up to 200kW of IT heat loads in our high density racks. That’s a lot of power that needs distributing!

Each rack is equipped with 3x heating elements rated to 9kW each, giving a total of 27kW per rack. This heat will be contained in a hot aisle, and in row Air Handling units will cool this air back to 24°C to supply the data center.

Underfloor cable trays will distribute the power to each rack, placed above the water pipes for the chilled water supply and hot return.

Our target date for completion of the data center is September 2023.

AKCPData Center Electrical Installation