AKCP adds free video conferencing and sensor graphing for cameraProbe8

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AKCP adds free video conferencing and sensor graphing for cameraProbe8
Bangkok, Thailand. January 14, 2005

AKCP, the world leader in SNMP based environmental and security monitoring, today announced a firmware upgrade that adds video conferencing and professional graphing to their embedded Linux cameraProbe8.

Imagine: the control room staff needs to talk to the on site staff. They usually use a phone. But this is only an audio link making it difficult to describe or repair a remote fault. A remote PC could be configured to support video conferencing, but this requires ongoing maintenance. Now, at a site where the cameraProbe8 is installed, an additional PC is no longer needed. The video conferencing software in this free firmware upgrade provides the ideal solution.

Just enter the IP address. A few simple clicks on the cameraProbe8, or on the included Windows client software, and they talk freely. Video conferencing is easily available using the cameraProbe8’s built-in high quality Sony CCD camera. The speaker and microphone are integrated CP8 hardware. A regular Open H.323 protocol is used, with many different audio and video codecs supported (such as G.711-uLaw-64k, RFC2190 H.263-CIF, and H.261-CIF).

The cameraProbe8’s CCD camera is attached to a pan and tilt motor so that the operator can remotely scan the surroundings using an interface on a web browser.

In addition to its custom designed graphing facility, AKCP has successfully ported RRD Tool into the cameraProbe8.

RRD Tool, the well-known data graphing and logging tool, adds the flexibility of easy professional graphing.

The cameraProbe8 integrates and displays graphs, plotted by RRD Tool into its web-based user interface, with Apache running as the regular and secured web server. The individual graph (day, week, month, and year) for each sensor type can be customized, simply by modifying the script template used to generate a particular graph.

Data up to one year is logged, temporarily stored on a static RAM, and then automatically backed up to an on-board flash memory. No more data lost due to power failure. Data may also be downloaded from the RRD Tool database, directly into a PC, with the web-based user interface. Downloads are in a comma separated value format, which can easily be imported to all spreadsheet and database software.

This upgrade is available free to all existing cameraProbe8 customers, and is standard for new customers! A complete cameraProbe8 system is now available for only $1795.00., including CCD image sensor, pan and tilt camera, all software, wall and rack mount brackets, sensorRemote with 1,000 foot range dual temperature and humidity sensor.

About the cameraProbe8

The cameraProbe8 is the premier environmental and security monitoring device, integrating a SONY CCD camera with multiple available sensors. It includes full Linux. Hardware boasts a 32-bit ARM processor, 64 Megabytes of Flash and 64 Megabytes of SDRAM along with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and two serial ports. Software utilities include many applications; such as Apache web server, Bash, Perl, Vi, Telnet, PHP, Email, and Nagios. The CP8 supports full SNMP functionality, relying on our 10 years of SNMP experience.

About AKCP

AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of IP based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 15,000 organizations use AKCP solutions for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. Providing early warning of threats to the integrity of a company’s data and assets, AKCP serves the Rack Mount, Telecommunications, Power, and Food and Beverage Industries, Corporate Data Centers and Wiring Closets, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Department of Defense, and many more industries requiring the ultimate in natural and man made disaster prevention.

AKCPAKCP adds free video conferencing and sensor graphing for cameraProbe8