AKCP announces skype feature for securityProbe product

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Bangkok , Thailand – 13 December 2007. AKCP Inc., the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-based devices for environmental and security monitoring solutions introduces a major firmware upgrade for the securityProbe.

The AKCP securityProbe product line function has been extended further with the release of a new software update. This software update adds new tools to what is already considered to be the technology leader in notification communications.

The addition of Skype support is the most striking new feature in this release. With the addition of Skype you now have an alternative to the securityProbes built in communication suite that currently support emails, serial voice modems, SMS, and MMS. This gives the securityProbe the ability to send out alerts via it’s unique text to speech notification option to any phone in the world, including mobile phones and VOIP phones. You can also use the Skype notification feature to send SMS messages to most mobile phones anywhere in the world.

Another feature added to this firmware release is windows pop up notification. This allows you to send sensor status to any PC on your LAN that has window notification enabled.

In addition to the above, Modbus is now supported. Modbus is an industry standard for serial communication over a RS485 serial bus. This allows the securityProbe to be an active participant in any industrial network that uses the Modbus serial communications protocol.

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AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 30,000 installations use AKCP for disaster prevention and infrastructure security.

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AKCPAKCP announces skype feature for securityProbe product