Ravica certifies AKCP sensorProbe™ for WhatsUp Gold

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Sanford, Maine, July 26,2003

AKCP’s cutting edge sensorProbe™ series of SNMP enabled monitoring solutions have been certified by Ravica (www.Ravica.com) for WhatsUp Gold – the award winning network management tool from Ipswitch (www.ipswitch.com)

WhatsUp Gold, is a network mapping, monitoring, notifying solution in one, and is acknowledged as an affordable alternative to expensive, high-end network management systems.

AKCP is the world leader in manufacturing SNMP based and web enabled remote monitoring and early warning devices for mission critical installations such as Datacenter, Computer server rooms, telecommunication facilities, network enclosures and various other application areas.

“Integrating sensorProbe™ with WhatsUp Gold will facilitate organizations to monitor their infrastructure at very low costs, with the least possible downtime as AKCP sensorProbes identify and isolate infrastructure related problems at an early stage” said Mike Patterson,CEO, Ravica Inc., AKCP’s partner in the U.S.,

About AKCP

Established in 1981, AKCP Inc. (www.akcpinc.com)designs and develops low cost SNMP based Network infrastructure monitoring devices. With Over 3,500 installations globally at world class facilities to include NASA, Coco Cola, J Lab, AKCP has emerged as the obvious choice for organizations that want to secure their infrastructure.

About Ipswitch

Ipswitch (www.ipswitch.com) is a Industry leader in Network Management, File Transfer and Messaging solutions. Since its inception in 1991, Ipswitch has produced easy-to-use products that make the workplace more productive.

About Ravica

Ravica (www.ravica.com) provides the network industry with value added standalone appliances from reputable manufacturers. All appliances offered, pass extensive testing ensuring that the customer is buying the best appliance on the market.

AKCPRavica certifies AKCP sensorProbe™ for WhatsUp Gold