Intelligent Computer Cabinets

Intelligent Solutions For Cabinets and Containment Aisles

  • Thermal Mapping
  • Differential Pressure
  • Current / Power
  • RFID Access Control
  • Sensor Status Light

 Intelligent Computer Cabinets

Make your cabinet part of IoT world with intelligent sensors

AKCP Rack+ Data Center Sensors

Add any of the below sensors to your cabinet to build a smart rack solution. Sensors connect to sensorProbe+ base units.

Current / Power Monitoring,DIfferential Pressure,Thermal Map,Split Core CT,Sensor Status Light,RFID Swing Handle Lock, Programmable LCD Display

AKCP Rack+ Wireless Solution

Using AKCP Wireless Tunnel LoRa™ radio technology the AKCP Rack+ Wireless Sensors can be rapidly deployed, no cabling and easy to expand without the need for additional sensor ports and base units. Save on IP addresses and rack space. Sensors send their data to an AKCP LoRa™ gateway such as the L-DCIM. Secure and independent private LoRa™ network for monitoring all your cabinets.

Current / Power Monitoring,Split Core CT,DIfferential Pressure,Thermal Map,Security Sensor

Intelligent Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

Detect Cabinet Hot Spots, Obstructions, Fan Failures and more…

Cold Aisle
Place dual temperature and humidity sensor in your cold aisle to check the aisle temperature is not too hot, or wasting energy by being too cold.

Cabinet Hotspots
Monitor temperature at the front and rear, top middle and bottom of the IT cabinet, as well as the temperature differential from the front to rear, T value.

Differential Pressure
Monitor for proper pressure differentials to check adequate airflow from cold to hot aisle. Run more efficiently with correct pressure differential to prevent back pressure and hot air mixing back to the cold aisle.

Water leaks, access control and sensor status lights
The addition of rope water sensors underneath raised access flooring, rack level and aisle access control and sensor status lights completes the intelligent containment monitoring system.

Containment Maps in AKCPro Server DCIM
AKCPro Server includes dedicated desktops for displaying your containment monitoring system in an easy and visual interface. Install AKCPro Server on your own server, or take advantage of the built-in server that is embedded on every L-DCIM.


From an Intelligent Rack to Data Center

Build up your data center with a wired or wireless Rack+ system to monitor environmental and power conditions on an individual cabinet level. With AKCP’s system architecture and variety of sensors, this can scale up to a complete Smart Data Center monitoring system. Integration of mainline power monitoring, CRAC systems, and backup power, centrally monitored with AKCP Pro Server.

Make adjustments to your data center environment, and instantly see the effect it has on PUE numbers. Run your data center at its optimum condition for cost savings and server health.rackplus-to-a-smart-data-center


  • Live PUE numbers
  • Control and monitor CRAC units
  • Thermal mapping of cabinets
  • Integrated solution
  • Control and monitor access to cabinets
  • Control and monitor access to rooms
  • Monitoring of complete power train
  • Free DCIM software

AKCPro Server DCIM Software

All data is collected and monitored through AKCPro Server central management software. This world class DCIM software consolidates all your deployed hardware and virtual sensors into customizable dashboards. Features include:-

  • Drilldown mapping interface
  • Modbus, SNMP and PING virtual sensors (Licensed feature)
  • Live PUE calculations
  • Customizable desktops
  • Access control management
  • Centralized monitoring and management of sensors and base units.
  • FREE for monitoring all AKCP devices
  • ONVIF Camera integration (licensesd feature)
Rack Map

Setup rack map desktops in AKCP Pro Server to display your thermal map sensors. Animated arrows show the temperature differential front to rear, as well the temperature and humidity at the front/rear top, middle and bottom.

With RFID Swing Handle Locks installed, the status of the cabinet doors is also indicated.

Rack assets can be added to the cabinet. Track your assets and identify which assets are installed in which cabinets.

Customize the desktop to display the rack map, together with a data center plan view and sensor logs.

Data Center Monitoring

Monitor your complete data center from AKCP Pro Server. Floor plans, customizable desktops and dashboards that display sensor data, PUE numbers, power consumption from rack up to data center level.

Administer access control rights, view access logs and monitor your data center security from door to rack level.