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AKCP Wireless Tunnel Gateway (WTG) Firmware Changelog

This is Changelog History of:

    • Wireless Tunnel Gateway (WTG)

  • 2021-05-12 Version wtsg-f7-1.0.419 (wtg units)

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    The firmware must be used with APS version 15.1.x or higher

      • New features/improvements:

        – [SENSOR][WTS] : Add support for WT-PT wireless sensor
        – [SENSOR][WTS] : Add support for WT-NIST3 wireless sensor
        – [SENSOR][WTS] : Add support for SPD810-500Pa on WT-DP
        – [SENSOR][WTS] : Add support for WT-IO8 wireless sensor
        – [NETWORK][MQTT] : Add support for MQTT
        – [NETWORK][SNMP] : Add support for manualAction OID for Siren and Buzzer
        – [NETWORK][SNMP] : Change compound ID for BOS/WTS to use addressID instead of incremental index

      • APPLICATION Fixes:

        – [SENSOR] : Fix DB migration to fix Internal Battery sensor ID
        – [SENSOR] : Fix Access DB sync issues on factory reset
        – [SENSOR] : Correct sensor config loading on previously plugged and offlined sensor
        – [SENSOR][TEMP] : Fix incorrect temperature unit conversion on sensor port 2
        – [SENSOR][TEMP] : Fix differential temperature sensors value and setting conversion on °F
        – [SENSOR][WTS] : Fix big delay for dry contact on WTS
        – [SENSOR][WT-NIST] : Fix temperature sensor description
        – [SENSOR][WT-NIST] : Fix sensor description on graphing, log status change events
        – [SENSOR][WTAQ] : Fix Particle Size sensor thresholds
        – [SENSOR][LCD] : Fix incorrect LEDs processing of the LCD sensor on expansion boards
        – [SENSOR][DCV] : Notify Jumper changes to APS for DC Voltage sensors
        – [SENSOR][BATTERY] : Fix internal battery voltage fluctuation bug
        – [EXP][SENSOR] : Fix Correct sensor config loading on previously plugged and offlined sensor
        – [VSENS] : Fix default value and factor
        – [GRAPH] : Fix incorrect graph status calculation of Total Active Energy and Power Factor
        – [HTML] : Fix bug disable HTTPS by default
        – [HTML] : Increase license key validation from 32 to 128
        – [LORA] : Fix webUI notification about device synchronization state changes
        – [MODBUS] : Fix Modbus not working on WTG
        – [NOTI] : Fix [VALUE] macro not resolving for some virtual sensors
        – [NOTI][SNMPTRAP] : Fix cutting of sensor and board’s descriptions in SNMP trap’s messages
        – [SYSTEM][USB] : Reduce WTG slowdown due to device connected via USB
        – [SYSTEM][LICENSE] : Fix enter existing key
        – [NETWORK][SNMP] : Fix SNMP Set data type on F4 and F7
        – [NETWORK][SNMP] : Fix “Not in time window”
        – [NETWORK][SNMP] : Fix MIB-2 sysDescr value on SNMP get
        – [NETWORK][VPN] : Renewed VPN certificate, compatible with APS 15.1.x
        – [NETWORK][MODEM] : 4G modem improvement and fixes
        – [NETWORK][WIFI] : Fix default network interface

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