Can I connect third party sensors to my sensorProbe, or securityProbe?

AKCPIntelligent Sensors, Support

Yes, actually, one of our greatest strengths is AKCP can provide a data collection center for many different third party sensors. Using our 4-20mA intelligent sensor, we can interface to a wide variety of other types of sensors that output either an analog voltage or a 4-20mA current. For integration with custom sensors, the unit text can be customized to whatever you would like; this text is reflected on the summary page of the web interface. All numbers are displayed in decimal format. On the DC and 4-20mA sensor configuration pages, you can display readings either as absolute values or as a percentage of full scale; you can customize a unit for measured entity. The external sensor used should have an output as a linearized Digital Voltmeter or 4-20mA signal # We suggest you find sensors that will best suit your requirements, and then we will make sure they can integrate with our sensorProbes, or securityProbes. For example we have customers that use our Digital Voltmeter sensor to integrate pressure sensors and water salinity sensors. We even have customers measuring radiation using our sensorProbes. The user can easily input their own labels and output value scales. If you label the sensor output as MPa, sensor values will appear on the summary page and in emails as MPa. You can configure the scale to be absolute such as 0-100 VAC or a percentage such as 0-100%. The data stored and graphs plotted on the sensorProbe will also have the correct labels and scaled units. Note: Emails and SMS will also be displayed in the configured units at the correct scale. 4-20mA signals are very popular in industrial sensors, and are particularly resistant to interference from electromagnetic noise. Note that some sensors and transducers may require an extra power supply, and in some cases may need other electrical components.

AKCPCan I connect third party sensors to my sensorProbe, or securityProbe?