Transition to Sustainable Data Centers


sustainability of data centers

Today’s society is heavily reliant on digital platforms. All aspects of our lives are now dependent on technology one way or another. As the COVID-19 virus struck worldwide, our digital … Read More

AKCPTransition to Sustainable Data Centers

Renewable Energy: Why It Is Not Enough?


Known as the internet’s brain, data centers’ job is to process, store and communicate the data that powers the flow of information services. This includes video streaming, email, social networking, … Read More

AKCPRenewable Energy: Why It Is Not Enough?

Data Center Energy Use Regulation in Ireland

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decarbonizing the grid

The pandemic has raised awareness of data centers’ important role in society, elevating them to the status of public utilities. This is because, as working and educating from home become … Read More

Clarissa GarciaData Center Energy Use Regulation in Ireland

Concepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

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concept of sustainability

Rise of the Sustainable Data Center – Concepts of Sustainability Cloud computing and digital transformation feed the world’s rising need for processing capacity. Different concepts of sustainability are now top-of-mind … Read More

Clarissa GarciaConcepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

Sustainability: Beyond Just Power

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Data center sustainability

Worldwide, Data centers use 200 terawatt-hours of power per year. With the sustainability movement, there are legitimate concerns about the rapidly expanding data center industry and its power requirements. So, … Read More

Clarissa GarciaSustainability: Beyond Just Power