Renewable Energy: Why It Is Not Enough?


Known as the internet’s brain, data centers’ job is to process, store and communicate the data that powers the flow of information services. This includes video streaming, email, social networking, … Read More

AKCPRenewable Energy: Why It Is Not Enough?

5 Steps to Data Center Sustainability

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sustainable data center

For quite some time, the impact of data centers on the environment has become a leading issue. Datacenter sustainability has thus become an important subject. Not only from an environmental … Read More

Clarissa Garcia5 Steps to Data Center Sustainability

Sustainability: Beyond Just Power

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Data center sustainability

Worldwide, Data centers use 200 terawatt-hours of power per year. With the sustainability movement, there are legitimate concerns about the rapidly expanding data center industry and its power requirements. So, … Read More

Clarissa GarciaSustainability: Beyond Just Power