AKCPro Server – Live PUE Calculations


Live PUE Calculation

AKCPro Server is an ideal DCIM solution. Perfect for those people who don’t have the budget or need for complex DCIM software, but require a capable monitoring system for their data center. With many advanced features such as Cabinet Thermal Mapping, Drill Down Mapping, Graphing, VPN connections to remote sites, AKCPro Server is the ideal choice. AKCPro Server is capable of live PUE calculations, so you can see realtime the effect changes you make have on your PUE.

In this video we are taking a look at the PUE calculation virtual sensor and its use as an instrument for fine-tuning your data center to run efficiently, lowering your carbon footprint and saving you money in the process.

Power Usage effectiveness is a ratio of how much energy you expend on running your IT systems, versus the amount spent on cooling and lighting, and other ancillary building services. A PUE of 1 would mean maximum efficiency, you are expending no energy on cooling, lighting and non-IT systems. Typically a PUE of 1.5 – 1.8 is considered efficient. Most people are probably running at 2.0 and above. This is usually the result of over cooling, poor design and management.

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By utilizing the AKCPro Server live PUE calculations you can see the immediate effect that changing your power usage has. Shut down fans and cooling systems and see how it improves your PUE. At the same time, use thermal rack maps to ensure that you are not overheating any servers. Adjusting the thermostat on your CRAC units will undoubtedly result in improved PUE, but what about it’s knock on effect to the lifespan of servers?

By employing the complete AKCP ecosystem of products, Thermal Map Sensors, AKCPro Server and Power Meters work together to give a complete analysis and assistance in cutting your power costs and improving your PUE.

The below video shows how easy it is to deploy PUE virtual sensors in AKCPro Server

AKCPAKCPro Server – Live PUE Calculations