AKCPro Server – VPN Setup


Remote Monitoring System – VPN Connection

When you have sensorProbe+ or securityProbe devices installed at remote locations, or communicating through a dynamic IP address the VPN is a useful feature to maintain a connection between devices and AKCPro Server remote monitoring system.

If for example, your sensorProbe+ is using the internal 3G Cellular Data Modem for communications, the IP address assigned by the cell network provider will change regularly. By running the VPN service it allows the sensorProbe+ device to always be able to establish a connection back to your main AKCPro Server installation. The sensorProbe+ will know where to find your server and initiate a connection, forming its own private network between the server and your remote device.

The video below shows how to setup the VPN service and implement it on your AKCP devices.

AKCPAKCPro Server – VPN Setup