COVID-19 Pandemic and Warehouse Automation


warehouse automation

The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit many industries hard, with decreased revenues forecast for 2020. However, there has been a flip side to the restrictions on peoples movement which has been the rise of online shopping. Although online shopping services such as Amazon were already popular, the pandemic has only served to push people more into online shopping. The effects of this are expected to remain long after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

The increased demands on the warehouse and logistics industries has meant they needed too rapidly scale and adapt to the new demands. This has been a challenge, and many warehouse managers have turned to automated technologies to help. The forecast for warehouse automation demand in 2023 is 6% higher than pre pandemic levels.

pandemic effects on warehouse automation

In addition to automation, as warehouse expand in size, and the nature of good transported changes, the demand for monitoring systems will also increase. Cold chain logistics and storage for example may become more in demand as online grocery and delivery services expand. AKCp provides monitoring technologies for the compete cold chain industry.

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AKCPCOVID-19 Pandemic and Warehouse Automation