sensorProbe+ now include built in buzzer!


sensorProbe+ New Feature – Internal Buzzer

As of January 2018, sensorProbe+ devices (SPX+ and SP2+) ship with an internal buzzer as standard, with no price increase to the end user.

On the SP2+ the buzzer is located behind the chrome grille, on the SPX+ you will see a small hole marked buzzer on the front panel.

The buzzer is configured from the user interface, and can be used to alert when sensors are in critical or warning conditions.

If you are using the AKCP RFID Cabinet Lock, use the buzzer as an alert to tell the user when the door is unlocked and access is granted.

Buzzer beeping behaviour with the Swing Handle Lock

Door Open / Access Granted: 2 short Beeps
Access Denied: 2 long Beeps
Door Closed: 1 short Beep
Lock Jammed: 1 Long Beep
Door Held Open: Continuous short beeps
Door Forced Open: Continuous long beeps
Sensor Error: Continuous longer beeps

AKCPsensorProbe+ now include built in buzzer!