Remote Telecom Site Installation in Colombia

AKCPCase Study

A great case study from our Colombian Dealer Klover Informatica y Telecomunicaciones, who have recently enjoyed success using a wide range of AKCP products to help their clients with remote site monitoring.

A pilot project installation has been completed on behalf of a mobile/cellular company in Colombia, a monitoring system for a telecoms Base Station. This Base Station uses a main power supply from a commercial energy company and there are two diesel generators as part of a back- up system.

AKCP supplied the securityProbe5E unit as the backbone to this installation along with four temperature sensors, two cameras, four DC voltmeters (to measure AC-DC rectifiers), four Power Monitor Sensors, two voltmeters (for the diesel generator batteries) and two ultrasonic fuel level sensors.

There is an ATS (a Siemens Automatic Transfer System) that controls the energy sources so if the main source fails it is powered and the source of energy is transferred automatically. This installation included four AKCP Power Monitor Sensors:

One PMS to measure the voltage and current of the ATS output (three phases)

One PMS to measure the voltage of the commercial energy source

One PMS to measure the voltage of Diesel Generator 1 (When the Generator is active)

One PMS to measure the voltage of Diesel Generator 2 (When the Generator is active)

Klover IT

This setup of AKCP Power Monitor Sensors does not replace the automatic functions of the ATS, but gives an early warning notification to the engineers. If the main electricity source fails, the diesel generators give the necessary power but the engineers must be alerted of the power source failure.

This site contains a variety of AKCP sensors and the built in notification features of the securityProbe 5E are used to notify and alert the engineers if any pre set parameter is breached.

Klover IT


AKCPRemote Telecom Site Installation in Colombia