Monitor Data Center Thermal Risk

Aiming for 100% ASHRAE recommended rack-level thermal compliance will reduce your energy consumption, and ensure system reliability and uptime

One of the leading causes of data center downtime is a failure to effectively manage the thermal risk component of the data center environment. Thermal risk related incidents account for 1/3 of data center outages.
Many data centers operate well within safety margins, with much lower rack inlet temperatures than the ASHRAE recommends. This results in lost energy through overcooling. With accurate rack level monitoring at the top, middle and bottom, front and rear of the rack you can safely operate closer to the maximum ASHRAE operating temperatures.

Real-Time Thermal Visualization

With AKCP cabinet thermal map sensors you have real-time 2D and 3D visualization of your data center. Heatmaps show hot and cold spots. Cabinet Rack Maps display front and rear temperatures, and ∆T values.


Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

with sensors placed at each rack you can ensure 100% compliance with ASHRAE recommended temperatures and meet Uptime Institute recommendations for number of sensors per rack.

Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

AKCPMonitor Thermal Risk